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12/01/2015 Group wants inquiry into data breach

10/20/15 Georgia Voting Machines Could be at Risk form Age

10/19/15 People to People: Power of the Vote

9/22/15 Watchdogs: public isn't seeing local politicians' campaign disclosures

9/1/15 Polling site change unnerves minority voters

8/19/15 Se estrenan como ciudadanos y votantes

6/4/15 Early voting grows in popularity

4/22/15 Ga. League Of Women Voters Oppose Restricting Early Voting


2/3/15 Shortening advance voting stirs opposition

1/31/15 Orrock, Drenner Introduce Citizens United Resolution, Call for U.S. Constitutional Amendment

11/01/14 Sunday Issue: Election 2014

11/01/14 Hot Senate, governor's races top lengthy ballots

10/09/14 Hall Co. elections office joins 'vote early' campaign

10/05/14 Monday is the last day to register to vote in Georgia

10/10/14 #PostThePeach campaign launched for early voters in Georgia

5/12/14 People2People Spotlight: League of Women Voters

5/3/14 Every Vote Really Does Make a Difference

4/16/14 Thousands register to vote on Georgia's new online system before Monday's deadline

4/3/14 Statewide political forum planned for Dalton

3/29/14 Ninth Moral Monday Focused on Voting Rights Act

3/21/14 Move to slash early voting defeated in Georgia

3/4/14 Municipal Early Voting Reduction Bill Amended, Passes House

2/26/14 The War Against Early Voting Heats Up

2/25/14 Voting Rights Advocates Call on Georgia Legislature to Reject Attack on Voters

2/25/14 Cut to Early Voting Decreases Access to the 
Polls and Weakens Georgia's Democracy

2/5/14 Georgia is site of latest GOP attack on early voting

2/23/14 Bill to shorten advance voting time not the solution but the problem

2/20/14 GOP's chilling new assault on voting: Why this man wants to scale back early voting in Georgia

2/4/14 Georgia lawmaker seeks shorter early-voting periods for small cities