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Georgia Leagues

What is a local League?

The League of Women Voters is organized at the national (LWVUS), state (LWVGA), and local levels, in parallel with the levels of organization of government.

What do local Leagues do?

Study and take action on local issues!

Host forums about local issues for the community!

Publish local political directories!

Host candidate forums for local offices!

Publish non-partisan voter guides for local elections!

Provide information about state and national issues to their community!


If I am a member of a local League, am I also a member of the state and national Leagues?

Yes. When you join, you become a member at all three levels of League; local, state, and national. You will receive newsletters, updates, action alerts, etc. from LWVUS, LWVGA, and your local League.

Is there a local League in my area?

What if there is not a local League in my area?

What if there is not a local League in my area?

If there is not a League in your area, you may join as a Member-at-Large of the League of Women Voters of Georgia (also called a state member). You will receive emails, action alerts, etc from the LWVGA and LWVUS.

Starting a local League

How do I start a local League in my area?

For more information, e-mail or call the LWVGA office at 404.522.4598

Local League Resources